What is Ecommerce ? | How to Make our store online ?

Ibrahim Qamar

What is Ecommerce


People are searching a lot about ecommerce on the internet. what is ecommerce and what is its business, how is this business done? Let's discuss about ecommerce in detail. ecommerce is two words, what can be said in general terms. 

The simplest meaning is that selling things online. This is the simple meaning of ecommerce. Now what is this business?

If others take it out of their same but there is no such case online you guys just have to create a website of your own. The website can be of any name, after that you have listed the products on your store or website. You have to list the pictures and say that I have these products.

I have products for children or for adults, so you have to list them and then you guys can sell online. When you run online ads your same product that was being sold in a particular city or to a few people in one city is now being sold across the country. 

But it can be sold in many countries. It depends on you whether you want to sell your product in one country. Also can be sent to more countries by ecommerce. if you have a product that you may like, for example getting a leather jacket from one place.

The place where you are getting leather jacket is your friends place and they sell their leather jacket in some countries. You can take the jacket from your friend and sell it in other countries at high prices means this business is very easy because the whole coming era is going to be ecommerce. 

Few countries are like that. In which ecommerce is not trending but people have started coming to ecommerce now.

The main reason for this is that when the corona virus came. People already knew it, but the people who were working online and selling things online kept selling because of the corona virus. 

Those who were locked in their homes and those who were doing business online. They were benefiting a lot from this. Suppose your business is in a certain city of the country then few people of that city will know about your business. 

If your business is online orders will come to you from all over the country. You used to reach a million people with your products. If your store goes online orders will come to you from all over the country and your sales will increase from a million to many million people. 

How to Make our store online

People already knew about online shopping, but when the lockdown started due to Corona, people's tendency towards it increased and the need for online shopping was felt the most and it proved to be very helpful. 

It happened then that online shopping, which was the first choice of the youth, now started to suit people of all ages, that's why the businessmen who have started using the online platform are sure to benefit and if you too take your business online. 

If you want to go you are bound to benefit from it, so you have to create a website that allows you to easily sell your products online and it can be much cheaper and more profitable than running a shop an advantage that can be proven as long as you get the right strategy and right platform, so lets see what step we need to take to open an online store.

Step No 1: 

Market research

First of all you should know what products you would like to sell like books, beauty products, gaming products or clothes etc. Sell it according to your interest and knowledge. After understanding the types of products, make sure to do their market research and also find out what is trending now. 

All this knowledge and research will prove helpful in finding the right products. Start your online business off right by adding a new feature to your product that will solve problems for people. Your idea and concept will help you grow.

Step No 2:

ecommerce Business Model 

You have to choose the right business model for your business in ecommerce. Otherwise you should know whether you are going to adopt business to business or business to consumer type and also you should have knowledge of ecommerce business model.

Step No 3: 

Reaching the target audience 

Depending on the business model you have chosen products which you want to sell. Before selling you will need to identify the target audience. Note that according to your customers you have to set.

User Experience

User Interface Design

Visual Content 

All of these details will help you build a stronger customers connection and improve the customer experience where you shop.

Step No 4 :

Choose a Domain Name

Now that the business model product type and target audience have been confirmed, now comes the time to choose a domain name for the website. Let's say it has two elements like QSSOfficial.com which is the name of QSS official website and its domain name extension is (.com) whenever you think of naming your shop this is what you think. 

Not only is it small, unique and impressive but also related to your business. That's all you need to be careful while choosing a domain name for your online business in ecommerce. One must choose such as Hostinger which is a web hosting platform that provides fast services and is also cheap. 

The advantage of using Hostinger is that with its business web hosting plans you will get a free domain name. You can choose and see the availability of domain names you want and complete the registration.

Step No 5 : 

Web hosting

Creating a website requires a reliable and unique domain name as well as fast web hosting. Web hosting is the space on the Internet where your website resides. It's just like a store rent that you pay regularly to keep your store running because we already talked about the hostinger example. 

We are going to get web hosting from hostinger we will get fast secure and user friendly website hosting. Hostinger also gives 30 days money back guarantee along with this web hosting provider we get business web hosting very cheap. 

Step No 6:

Choose the right platform for website

After domain name and website hosting you need to choose a complete platform for your website for which you can use WordPress which is a very simple website building tool and it is also free and you can easily use it. You can easily design your own website using WordPress in ecommerce.

Step No 7:

Create a merchant account 

To sell products online you need to create a merchant account. Account of business bank account through which you will be able to accept and process payment transactions for your online business in ecommerce.

Step No 8:

Product Price

Product price is not easy to decide if you charge too much then your customers will prefer to buy from other websites. If your product price is too low then you will not get any profit from this business in ecommerce. 

Accordingly you have to research what price your products are being sold in other places, what other businesses are charging for it. You have to study and research deeply to start a profitable ecommerce business.

Step No. 9 

High Quality Photographs of Products 

In your offline store customers used to check the products by hand but for online shopping we need to increase the interest of the customer in such a way that if they shop online they will take you for it. You need Professional photography so you have to invest in good equipment.

Step No.10 

Effective Content Strategy 

Product images alone cannot motivate a customer to buy something you need to add relevant and inspiring content along with the image that guides the customer and Create an impressive content strategy. Customers need to know how it will be helpful to them if they are buying something.

Step No. 11

Plan for product packaging and shipping

Online shopping can easily connect consumers with your brand if it is fast and secure. You must have a perfect plan for packaging and shipping the product. You can make fast and safe delivery of every order after making a plan on how to ship every order.

Step No. 12 

Website Promotion 

By creating an ecommerce website, your products will not start selling but you will have to promote your website for this. You will promote it on different social media platforms which will bring traffic to your website and more traffic means more shopping and more profit.

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