What is wix ecommerce| How b2b ecommerce work?

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Wix ecommerce


Now we are going to tell you what Wix ecommerce ​​is and what we can do with wix ecommerce As you know wix ecommerce is ​​a very popular website builder also known as Drag and Drop Builder. There are so many Drag and Drop Builders today it has become very easy to build a website and wix ecommerce builder works very well. I will tell you how to create a website in a simple way with wix ecommerce

Wix ecommerce has given many options. You can choose anyone it can be skipped if you want but my suggestion is that you answer them because it will create a dummy of your desired website. After that it gives you another question what would you like to name your store? Here you can write any name you want but here you will be given your correct store name.

You can also change the name of the store again. The next question is what you want to add on this site. Our online store will be created here but if we add something else to it then it is our benefit that will work up. On the Wix ecommerce website you must select it from here.

After doing all this on the Wix ecommerce website your store will be created. After creation you will have an option (Go to dashboard) After clicking on it you will reach the dashboard of your online Wix ecommerce store After creating the website you have to do all the steps to create a Wix ecommerce website. 

What Wix ecommerce ask after website creation:

After that it will ask you for some other data like your email name and phone number you have to give them. Apart from that you have to give your website logo which they put on your online Wix ecommerce store. After creating the website it will ask you for a Wix ecommerce website theme.

It will also offer you many options You can choose any of them and then it will ask you which is your favourite home page design and it offers many options You can easily find your desired home page on the Wix ecommerce website. Then it asks you which pages you want to add. 

You can also skip it later you get the option to create it After all this you will get to see congrats the website is created and running on this Wix ecommerce website You can easily edit everything with a double click and just drag and drop.

Then there can be more than one buyer and seller in b2b ecommerce regarding the service. Now the question arises of what things sell or buy on b2b ecommerce, it can be many things like. 




Motor Vehicles

Whenever there is a business between the seller and the buyer the paperwork is done online. Both of them talk on websites or apps and the numbers can also be changed or we can do it online with our website. The internet is important in b2b ecommerce because unless we have internet in our mobile or computer we cannot contact and we can't do b2b ecommerce.

Why is the internet important? We cannot contact b2b ecommerce unless our mobile or computer has internet. Like a big company, it has a separate network. This network is called person-to-person and it can be used only by that company. No one outside can use this network called the Intranet.

Difference in intranet and extranet in b2b ecommerce:

This is the difference between an extranet and the Intranet. The Internet operates within an organization but within an extranet organization has a network of other organizations with whom it does business.

Basic Model in b2b ecommerce:

Supplier Oriented Marketplace.

Buyer Oriented Marketplace.

Intermediary Oriented Marketplace.

Supplier Oriented Marketplace.

In b2b ecommerce supplier oriented marketplace called e-distribution In this type of model the buyers are many but the sellers are very few. The supplier comes to a common place and he has a lot of buyers if I give a real life example it can be called vegetable market. There are few sellers but there are many buyers for this model to be successful. The customer must be loyal because then he will come again and again and the model will be successful.

Buyer Oriented Marketplace:

In this model b2b ecommerce marketplace there are many buyers and few sellers. It consists of an online marketplace where many suppliers want to display their items and buyers bid on them and the buyer decides whether to buy or not at the going rate of the market.

Intermediary Oriented Marketplace:

In b2b ecommerce buyer oriented marketplace goods are exchanged here. There are many buyers and also many sellers which means that there are many buyers and sellers, people of common interest come together and send goods to buy in b2b ecommerce it is simple and best

Magento ecommerce: 

Magento is an ecommerce platform for everyone where you can create your own ecommerce business. As many people know that wordpress is a CMS, so Magento is also a CMS for ecommerce, but it is not and magento ecommerce is a very good platform for ecommerce business people. 

This platform is not at all for poor people, let me tell you in advance that people who are poor and think that they can make a good ecommerce website with magento ecommerce with few money and earn millions of dollars then stop thinking.

If you want to start your ecommerce business then first of all you need a web application that will control your business and it takes money or investment and magento ecommerce is also available in the free edition. You can also create and run your own website in magento ecommerce. 

Yes, you need a developer for this job, if you hire a developer then you can create a very good ecommerce website from magento ecommerce. Magento ecommerce is a platform you have to use it to grow your business and that's why magento ecommerce costs money. 

How Magento ecommerce works and who pay attention on it:

Many people pay attention but some don't pay attention to magento ecommerce. Those who have a low budget don't pay much attention in magento ecommerce. They just download WordPress and try to build your ecommerce website. But you really want to do your ecommerce business and want your ecommerce website to run all over the world and your business to run must spend money for magento ecommerce. 

This megento ecommerce website is very wonderful with the help of which you can create your website, the method of creating a website is very easy and it provides you a lot of facilities with the help of which you can easily create your website.

When you go to the Magento ecommerce website you will find Magento Community Edition in Product Solutions section. This Community Edition is completely free to download and install, so you can create your own ecommerce website with this in magento ecommerce.

Those who seriously want to start their ecommerce business juggle money and financial juggling and actually want to start an ecommerce business by investing and registering the company so they must use magento ecommerce. Magento Community Edition and Magento Cloud Community Edition these plains is not free they are paid.

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